Military Working Dog Memorial Ceremony

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Cait Suttie
  • 45th Space Wing Public Affairs
In January 1999 a Military working dog was born. Dasty/C214 was accepted into the Department of Defense Military Working Dog Program on September 7, 2000. He was certified in narcotic detection on December 15, 2000.

On March 20, 2001, Dasty boarded a plane for Patrick Air Force Base and his journey continued. It was then he became a member of the 45th Security Forces Squadron and even more a part of the kennel family.

In his decade at Patrick AFB, Dasty was a dog that touched all of the handlers that knew him. He was handsome, friendly, and loyal to his handlers. He was a defender of the brave.

Unfortunately, Dasty died on April 1 at the Veterinary Clinic here at Patrick AFB. 

The 45th Security Forces Squadron held a memorial ceremony for Dasty on May 25 at Patrick AFB. 

Dasty had a personality that everyone could relate to. He was friendly, if he trusted you, and outgoing to get his point across, but like many he did not like to go to the doctor or to take baths.
  He enjoyed butterfliesand rabbits. This was  both a blessing and a nuisance as it could be a distraction but reminded the handlers that Dasty was indeed a dog. 

There was nothing more he looked forward to than riding in a patrol car with the windows rolled down. 

Dasty was man's best friend, whether you lost the keys to your patrol car, or a phone Dasty could always find what you were looking for. He had the unique ability to search for things based on presented odor. 

The handlers loved him, and accepted him for who he was, quirks and all. He will be remembered by all as a team player, a dedicated Partner, and most importantly a friend.