A new journey – recruit swear-in at Cape Canaveral

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Dalton Williams
  • 45th Space Wing Public Affairs Office
30 Air Force recruits in the Delayed Entry Program, or DEP, swore in during a ceremony presided over by Brig. Gen. Wayne Monteith, commander of the 45th Space Wing, June 14, 2018, at Space Launch Complex-37 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The DEP swearing-in ceremony was held in front of a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket, one of the most powerful in the United States inventory.

Later this year the same rocket is scheduled to launch the Parker Solar Probe, a spacecraft that will eventually be the closest man-made object ever to orbit the sun, an extensive and rewarding journey the spacecraft will be persistent in, to advance our knowledge of space.

“You are about to embark on a journey where you are joining an organization that is 70 years old,” said Monteith. “You are choosing to volunteer to join our organization, one whose sole purpose is to protect our way of life.”

The location the recruits were swearing in on was tested by achievement, barrier breaking, and immeasurable space history – the type of history that can only be made through the necessary hard work and dedication put in during a person’s journey.

“It doesn’t matter what job you hope to go into, whether it is flying, maintenance, personnel - we do not have jobs in the Air Force that aren’t necessary,” said Monteith. “But at the end of the day you are choosing to volunteer to join our organization and at the same time we will be joining you. We will provide opportunity and the chance for you to become something better than what you are right now.”

A long storied history of Airmen before you have pledged to support this great nation, at great sacrifice, said Monteith.

Monteith then led the 10 enlisted and 20 officer recruits in the oath of enlistment, which asserts their aspiration and commitment to serve in the Air Force.

DEP swear-ins are vital to inspiring and engaging the future of the United States Air Force. While they are not the initial swear in that recruits make at their respective Military Entrance Processing Station, they reaffirm a future Airman’s desire and confirm their commitment to serve our country in the Air Force. They are enacted to showcase our military heritage and to inspire others to serve as well. Family and friends unable to attend the swear-in at MEPS, usually have another opportunity to see their future Airmen re-affirm their commitment to the Air Force.

After the swearing in, Monteith shook each future Airmen’s hand, thanking them for their future commitment to our country and the extensive and rewarding journey they are about to make.