Ignite Innovation - Meet your team!

  • Published
  • By Maj. Laura Robinson
  • 5th Space Launch Squadron
The Innovate NOW! Project Team was organized to lead our installation's effort to inspire and instill a culture of innovation.

Earlier this year, Brig. Gen. Nina Armagno, the 45th Space Wing commander, assembled a team of volunteers to organize an initiative that will empower individuals at all levels (Airmen, civilians and contractors) to generate innovative ideas, streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies within our organizations.

This is an incredibly talented team that is currently working out the details of some creative initiatives designed not only to get people thinking innovatively, but to create a repeatable, sustainable process that we all can use to capture and implement those solutions.

Our team's goal is to be innovative in our approach, while utilizing some of the well-defined organizational processes that are already in place to promote change.

We know there are brilliant, creative minds that are just waiting for the opportunity to share their ideas.

You and I work next to them every day, and this is their time and their venue to present their innovative solutions, own the process and see actionable results.

This is an exciting project that will ignite our Airmen to think creatively about how we accomplish our mission; sharpening our focus and inspiring those around us to "think outside the box!"

Whether you are the process owner, the facilitator, the mentor, or the coach, we are in this together and the "Year of Innovation" will not be successful without your support. Stay tuned for more details!