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  • 45th Space Wing Support to help deliver Endeavour to L.A.

    In 1987, Congress approved the construction of the fifth Space Shuttle orbiter, Endeavour (OV-105), to replace Challenger. Endeavour, named after the first ship commanded by 18th century British explorer James Cook, arrived at Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility May 7, 1991, on top of NASA's modified 747 Space Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.
  • Service member "Guardians" escort WWII Vets to our Nation's Capitol

    The emails went out for a get-together in the wee hours of Saturday morning, Aug. 25.This was no ordinary party, though; it was a salute to Florida's Space Coast World War II Veterans.This group was getting together to salute this year's fifth Space Coast Honor Flight scheduled to depart the Wickham Park Senior Center with 25 Veterans bound for
  • Talk about your 'Special Delivery'

    For Tech. Sgt. Chad Malley, and his wife, Tye, the third time proved to be anything but the charm.But the end result was well worth it. For the Malley's, relatively new comers who arrived here at the 45th Space Wing in April, June 23 started off as a pretty normal day, Tye said, as she talked about it from the Patrick AFB Fire Department where her
  • PCSing Soon? Here's some helpful hints

    Last summer was a very busy moving season and this upcoming season promises to be the same for PCSing Airmen (enlisted, officer and civilian employees.) You can help alleviate any potential loss or damage to your household goods by learning the rules under which your household goods are moved and by preparing yourself for apotential moving
  • Med Group Captain honored to escort a WWII Vet to Nation's Capital

    Most mornings for me are pretty standard with about three snoozes on my alarm andabout a gallon of coffee before 10 a.m.The morning of the recent Honor Flight was different. I was wide-awake at 3 a.m., anticipating a wonderful trip and great experience with my new friend Andy Antonelle, a WWII veteran and former Army Air Corps B-24 ball turret
  • Kick Your Sugar Habit With…Treats!

    Here in the 21st Century, the truth is finally percolating through the media and blogosphere that refined carbs, not fats, are Dietary Enemy #1. For those of us with diabetes, that is a daily truth. Refined carbs bad, whole food carbs with lots of fiber, good; we've heard this many times. Atkins, South Beach, our own creative diets, we try to live
  • 45 Space Wing, Weather Squadron personnel, share what it takes to prepare for the Endeavour!

    Be sure to follow some of the 45th Space Wing's very own, Ms. Kathy Winters, Air Force Civilian Meteorologist in the 45th Weather Squadron , and Capt. Woodard, Forward Observer Air, 45th Weather Squadron, as they blog about the steps it takes to prepare for the 29 April 2011 launch of Endeavour! Click here to Follow!
  • Spring weather safety - Be prepared

    April showers may bring May flowers. However, as the weather over the past two weeks has shown, spring also brings weather hazards. Tornadoes, lightning, strong winds, heavy rain, hail - do you know what to do?Heavy rain can be the worst weather danger by contributing to auto accidents.Slow down on wet roads, especially in the first 20 minutes of
  • Family comes to Patrick after Japanese Disasters

    Rebecca Kelley is glad to be back in Florida; but it was a long road back from Misawa Air Base, Japan in post-earthquake confusion."I was sitting in my living room when the quake hit," said Kelley. "I grabbed two of my three children and ducked down by some furniture." The earthquake lasted about 20 minutes. Kelley and her husband, Airman First
  • History Highlight: High Flyers Highlight STS-72 Mission

    The primary objectives of the STS-72 mission launched in January 1996 were to: 1) retrieve the Japanese Space Flyer (JSF) spacecraft on Flight Day 3, and 2) deploy and retrieve the Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology (OAST) Flyer on Flight Day 4 and Flight Day 6 respectively. The JSF spacecraft contained three automated laboratories, and it