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  • Family comes to Patrick after Japanese Disasters

    Rebecca Kelley is glad to be back in Florida; but it was a long road back from Misawa Air Base, Japan in post-earthquake confusion."I was sitting in my living room when the quake hit," said Kelley. "I grabbed two of my three children and ducked down by some furniture." The earthquake lasted about 20 minutes. Kelley and her husband, Airman First
  • History Highlight: High Flyers Highlight STS-72 Mission

    The primary objectives of the STS-72 mission launched in January 1996 were to: 1) retrieve the Japanese Space Flyer (JSF) spacecraft on Flight Day 3, and 2) deploy and retrieve the Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology (OAST) Flyer on Flight Day 4 and Flight Day 6 respectively. The JSF spacecraft contained three automated laboratories, and it
  • After Snark: The Mace B at Cape Canaveral

    Though less-heralded than the ground-breaking Matador program in the early 1950s, the Mace B missile program had a significant impact on the Cape's operations in the early 1960s. As such, it offers an interesting sidebar to the evolution of winged missiles on the Eastern Range. The Mace B was a newer version of the Mace A cruise missile - a
  • Patrick Air Force Base provides flyover, color guard and first pitch

         Baseball wasn't the only thing on the mind of over 4,500 attendees at the Florida State League All Star game. Appreciation for the US Air Force and the soldiers of Patrick Air Force Base reached new heights as the crowd witnessed the fly-over of a 920th Rescue Wing HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter following the presentation of the Colors by the
  • Your new virtual finance – don’t waste time, go online!

    Looking for a way to save time when it comes to your military pay and travel? Start with a click and skip that trip to your Financial Services Office. Recently, the 'Money - Finance Central' page on the Air Force portal was given a major facelift. It was renamed 'Money - Welcome to virtual Finance!' under the Portal's 'Life & Career' tab. The
  • Tornadoes: The underappreciated hurricane hazard

    Hurricanes are well known for strong winds and heavy rain. But did you know tornadoes are also a significant threat during hurricanes? Now is the time to learn about this hazard as you prepare for hurricane season.Some of the strongest tornadoes in Florida occur with land-falling tropical cyclones. These tornadoes can form over 250 miles from the
  • Army Vets care for pets

    The Patrick Air Force Base Veterinary Clinic, a 45th Space Wing mission partner, is run by the U.S. Army Veterinary Command. Operating with a staff of four active-duty soldiers and eight civilians to carry out its mission, the Vet Clinic's schedule can be dog-eat-dog.Their mission is to provide family pets in the Patrick community with accessible
  • Descendents Reunion: heritage protected, honored

    It's a familiar sight to people who work at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station: a small plot of land just past the gate, surrounded by a well-kept picket fence, with a proud tree in the middle.As personnel drive past on their way to work, they might also notice something else. That bit of land is a graveyard, one of eight on Cape Canaveral that
  • KUDOS gives kids knowledge

    Roles were reversed April 10 at the Patrick Air Force Base Air Terminal.For the "Kids Understanding Deployment Operations" program, the 45th Space Wing and 920th Rescue Wing staff staged a mock deployment for approximately 70 children ranging in age from 5 to 16. All of them had one or both parents serving in the military.KUDOS deployments have
  • Sportbike riders beware

    Sportbike riders have a need for speed and this bike provides an inexpensive thrill ride that many people are not respecting.With the rapid acceleration, agile maneuverability and quick stopping, this vehicle provides a motorcyclist with all the excitement and adrenaline rush one can ask for, making it a disaster waiting to happen.For the same