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  • Going Down! Selected Central Housing units targeted for demolition

    Recently, the Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment authorized Hunt Pinnacle Communities LLC to move forward with the demolition of 68 old units in Central Housing. With this authorization, Hunt Pinnacle began mobilizing, and buildings on Blue Sky Lane have started coming down. Safety

  • Comm Helpdesk: circuit surgeons

    Being sick is never fun and to add insult to injury, having to try and explain your symptoms to a doctor only makes it worse. However, by listening patiently and deciphering nontechnical medical language the doctor is able to make a diagnosis and prescribe a cure. But what happens when a computer is

  • Local pharmacists participate in 120-day humanitarian deployment

    Local pharmacists participate in 120-day humanitarian deployment By Chris Calkins 45th Space Wing Public Affairs Maj. Efrain Delvalle-Ortiz and Staff Sgt. Uriel H. Negron now have their sea legs. That's what happens to 45th Medical Group Pharmacy Airmen who spend 120 days on USNS Comfort, where they

  • 42 years of “just a little longer”

    The Beatles released "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album. Hollywood's box office hits were, "The Graduate," "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Cool Hand Luke." Gasoline was 33 cents a gallon, movie tickets were $1.25, the average cost of a new home was $14,250 and a new car would cost around $2,750.

  • Air Force basketball team returns to Patrick

    The Patrick Air Force Base Fitness Center is the base camp for 15 female Airmen who are in training for the 2009 Armed Forces Basketball Championship.These players are from bases throughout the country and the world, including one Airman assigned to Misawa Air Base, Japan.The Armed Forces

  • Weather Airmen run across Sunshine State

    How many Airmen does it take to cross the state of Florida?Eighteen, according to the 45th Weather Squadron, because that's how many ran in the 2009 Sunrise to Sunset Relay March 27-28.The Sunrise to Sunset Relay is an across-the-state marathon starting out at Jensen Beach and finishing at Fort

  • Women's History Month: the right to fight

    What would it be like to be a patriotic American and denied the opportunity to serve in the U.S. military at times of war? And what would it be like to have served honorably in a military capacity, suffer injuries under hostile enemy fire or even lose your life, and not even be recognized as a

  • Project Emeritus head retires – for the third time

    After graduating from high school in 1955, the North Carolina teen-ager said he was faced with three career options, and none of them appealed to him.And the fourth, an assignment to the first-ever class of the brand-new Air Force Academy that year was out of reach "because I didn't have the grades

  • Volunteers dig up ancient history at Cape

    In the shadow of Delta II boosters being readied for launch carrying the latest in scientific equipment, pieces of ancient history are being plucked from the earth by a small but hardy group of volunteers.Led by Thomas Penders, cultural resource manager for the 45th Space Wing, they are recovering

  • Sharks fly with shuttle on return trip

    Nine 45th Operations Group personnel led the Department of Defense charge supporting NASA and helped bring the Space Shuttle Endeavour back to Kennedy Space center during the recent ferry flight of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) and the Shuttle.Detachment 3 is the only unit in the Air Force that