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Space Launch Delta 45 Mission

One Team...Delivering Assured Access to Space for the Warfighter & the Nation 
The World's Premier Gateway to Space
Control of the Battlefield Begins Here

Mission Areas:
1. EASTERN RANGE OPERATIONS: Provide the activities and resources for safety of flight, range instrumentation, infrastructure, and scheduling required to support and assure space and ballistic launches, and other operations. 

2. LAUNCH OPERATIONS AND SUPPORT: Provide reliable launch infrastructure, launch teams, and seamless partnership with launch and satellite programs. 

3. EXPEDITIONARY AND CONTINGENCY READINESS: Provide trained people, equipment, and processes ready to support wartime and contingency operations. 

4. BASE AND PEOPLE SUPPORT: Provide base infrastructure, health care services, security, information systems, morale/welfare activities, workforce safety, human resources, financial services, logistics services, and environmental stewardship to support present and future missions.