AFSPC commander sends Thanksgiving holiday safety message

  • Published
  • By Gen. John Hyten
  • Air Force Space Command Commander
To the Air Force Space Command family,

Thanksgiving has many great traditions; turkey, pumpkin pie (pecan for our southern relatives), casseroles, a warm fire and a day cheering on your favorite team, to name a few.  However, the best Thanksgiving tradition is quality time spent with family, friends and loved ones, as evidenced by the millions of people who will travel this holiday.  Before you hit the road, ride the rails or take off for the sky, please take some time to focus on the risks associated with our busiest travel holiday.

While air and rail travel continue to be our safest forms of transportation, driving continues to be one of the most dangerous.  Get-home-itis, winter weather, drunk drivers and heavy traffic lead to mishaps.  The Thanksgiving holiday often combines these conditions with disastrous results for drivers and passengers. Fatigue and alcohol are especially prevalent over Thanksgiving, so please be vigilant.  When it comes to combating fatigue, energy drinks are no substitute for a good night's rest.  For long trips, be sure to make frequent stops to stretch and reenergize.  Periodically switch drivers when traveling with family or friends.  As for alcohol ... like oil and water, drinking and driving don't mix.  Please keep these two elements separate in your travel plans.  Hopefully I'm not telling you anything new, but we continue to have mishaps involving these factors.  Please don't drop your guard.

Laura and I extend our best wishes for a safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy the turkey, pie, sports and time with family. It's important that you return home safely, but more importantly, your family ... and that includes your Air Force family ... needs your continued support and contributions.  To that end, please make sound decisions during this Thanksgiving holiday season.

Take care and thanks for all you do.