Spence: Shark of the Week

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Pat Spence, 45th Medical Operations Squadron Physical Therapy volunteer, was selected for Shark of the Week.

Spence was nominated because of her dedication to the military, and because the work she does fosters an environment of support and accomplishment, according to Tech. Sgt. Michelle Wright, 45th MDOS, who nominated her.

Spence has been volunteering for over 26 years at the Patrick AFB Physical Therapy Clinic and with the Red Cross.

Spence volunteers her time, weekly, and begins and completes her duties without question or complaint, according to Wright.

"Pat is a fine example of a doer," Wright said. "She does not require attention or recognition for her work. She just does it and while she may not require recognition to get the job done, she certainly deserves it."  

Spence cleans, organizes, and ensures the Physical Therapy Clinic is running smoothly, according to Wright. She eases the stress that comes with running a clinic by her willingness to get things accomplished in a timely manner and with a positive attitude. 

"Pat is a constant pleasure to work alongside with," she said. "She has consistently earned 'Shark of the Week' within the Physical Therapy Clinic and definitely deserves it."

Name: Pat Spence
Time in service: 27 years; of volunteering here at PAFB
Hometown: None claimed. Born and raised military brat then married and became a military wife.
Motto: Think positive and keep your glass half full.
Hobbies/Interests: Walking, golf, crafts such as: quilting, staining glass, framing, and knitting, and refinishing old furniture.
Why do you serve: I enjoy helping people and hopefully making their day easier.
How do you support the mission:  By giving my time to the Physical Therapy Clinic. I assist in organizing, preparing home exercise packets, tracking supplies, ordering linen and cleaning so that the active-duty staff can spend their time with the patients.

To nominate the next Shark of the Week, contact the 45th Space Wing Public Affairs Office at (321) 494-5933, or email 45swpa@us.af.mil to obtain a request a form.