Telling how they "Do Something Amazing"

  • Published
  • By Maj. Greg Harland
  • 45th SW Public Affairs
In the shadow of Space Launch Complex 41 with the Atlas V rocket perched atop the pad, Mike McCoy, Bandito Brothers film director, interviewed members of the 5th Space Launch Squadron.

"So, tell me about your job?" Mike asked in his easy going interview style. This interview, along with many others with 45th Space Wing Airmen, was conducted Oct. 8-10 at Cape Canaveral AFS in conjunction with the Air Force Recruiting Services' "Do Something Amazing" advertising campaign. The production crew shot footage highlighting the Air Force's unparalleled spacelift mission for a series of spots that will run as television commercials and Web spots. The campaign was conceived by the recruiting service's advertising agency, GSD&M's Idea City. is an Air Force recruiting website highlighting the wide variety of jobs available to potential recruits and officer candidates. The Website features Airmen candidly talking about their jobs and more importantly, how much opportunity the Air Force has to offer. Whether you are interested in flying the new F-22 Raptor or becoming an aerial photographer, each video snippet gives an exciting taste of what that job has to offer.

The film crew spent three days interviewing Airmen and experiencing pre-launch and launch operations of the Atlas V/Wideband Global SATCOM mission, which launched Oct. 10.

"The most eye-opening things about this whole campaign are the people we have met, the things we have been able to experience, as well as telling the Air Force story for the past two years." said Laura Carter, GDS&M Idea City's producer. "Each Airman loves their job and their dedication is evident in the pride they show when being interviewed."

Maj. Eric Amissah of the 5th Space Launch Squadron was one the 45th SW Airmen interviewed. He was also instrumental in coordinating the film crew's visits to SLC-41 and the Atlas Support Operations Center.

"This was a great opportunity for the 45th Space Wing to showcase what we do here and show how we are an integral party of our nation's space program," he said.

The web spots are expected to be posted by late November and the television commercials should air in January or February.