Patrick Airman to be featured on AF recruiting calendar

  • Published
  • By Ken Warren
  • 45th SW Public Affairs
Senior Airman William Crisp has newfound respect for Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. He gained it during a recent photo shoot for an Air Force Recruiting Service calendar he'll be featured in that comes out in August.
"Straining to maintain poses while the photographer took pictures kind of hurt," he admitted with a grin. "But I'm pretty pumped to see how this turns out."
Airman Crisp, an explosive ordnance disposal technician with the 45th Civil Engineer Squadron, is one of 11 Airmen selected to appear in this calendar, which is part of an annual AFRS publication called Technical Education Magazine. About 30,000 copies will be sent to high school teachers across America in positions to influence young people with technical backgrounds the U.S. Air Force needs.
Airman Crisp appreciates the opportunity to help recruit for EOD -- a hard-to-fill Air Force specialty. "Maybe I can help young people make a good decision about what to do in life and in choosing a career," he said. "EOD is a great career field and is a very tight knit community. I hope this helps get people into EOD."
According to Airman Crisp, EOD requires a special type of person. His flight chief, Master Sgt. George Price -- fresh from his second tour of duty in Iraq -- wholeheartedly believes Senior Airman Crisp meets those criteria. The two served together in Iraq in 2006. "I see this as an honor and privilege for an outstanding young Airman who time and again put his life on the line in Iraq," said Sergeant Price. "It's like a reward to Crispy, as I call him, for going above and beyond. He's dependable and never falters. It's also huge for the career field because it lets others see the good we do."
Sergeant Price, who is headed back to Iraq later this year for a third tour of duty, added, "There is a shortage of people in our career field. Hopefully, this effort will attract some good, quality people and help reduce the need for these multiple deployments. I'm running out ways to appease my wife for being gone so much."
In spite of the heavy workload, both Sergeant Price and Airman Crisp believe EOD technicians have the best, most thrilling jobs in the Air Force. Airman Crisp says waiting for the calendar to come out is in some ways scarier than defusing a bomb. "I'm kind of nervous about it. But there are lots of professionals working on this calendar, so it will probably turn out great," he said. "My wife is excited, but thinks it's hilarious that I could be the face of EOD recruiting."