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Reduce space, reduce waste... save energy

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Since efficiency is always a key to improving operations, I would like to inform the 45th Space Wing community on how the Civil Engineer Squadron is working to reduce the Wing's energy use.

New federal requirements mandate the Wing reduce its energy intensity by three percent per year for 10 continuous years (from 2005 to 2015). Accomplishing this task by 2015 will potentially result in annual energy savings of $9 million.

To achieve this goal, 45 CES is actively pursuing projects and initiatives that improve both the Wing's infrastructure and energy efficiency.

These initiatives include:
· accomplishing energy projects to retrofit lighting, replace inefficient chillers and boilers, provide small solar panels and install ground source heat pumps;
· purchasing energy star equipment;
· installing energy management control systems (EMCS);
· educating personnel on energy awareness; and
· optimizing facility space by consolidating operations and efficiently utilizing facilities.

The Civil Engineer Squadron is also charged with supporting the Air Force strategic goal to reduce facilities and infrastructure footprint by 20 percent by the year 2020.

This effort is rooted in the Air Force's initiative to focus on mission critical infrastructure and divert resources away from excess, obsolete and under-utilized infrastructure.

To meet this goal, CES is working on space consolidation and building demolition plans in accordance with the Wing's strategic plan.

For example, we've incorporated requirements to ensure the efficient use of facilities in CES's new Infrastructure, Operations and Maintenance Service (IOMS) contract at the Cape.

The IOMS contractor InDyne, Inc. has developed a space reduction plan that contains detailed facility use assessments and specific recommendations for consolidation of their footprint.

The InDyne plan can serve as a model for the remainder of the Wing to meet the Air Force initiative to reduce facility space and energy consumption.

By optimizing space allocation and reducing the Wing's facility footprint, CES is simultaneously working to achieve the Air Force's energy reduction and facility consolidation goals.

To date, we are exceeding the energy reduction goal by almost four percent. With your help, we can continue to exceed our energy and facility reduction requirements. Please contact the CE Energy Management Office at 853-0925 (CCAFS) or 494-7198 (PAFB) with your questions or suggestions on how better to reduce Wing energy use and costs. Thanks for helping.