Your new virtual finance – don’t waste time, go online!

  • Published
  • By Capt Jason Gracin,
  • 45th Space Wing
Looking for a way to save time when it comes to your military pay and travel? Start with a click and skip that trip to your Financial Services Office. Recently, the 'Money - Finance Central' page on the Air Force portal was given a major facelift. It was renamed 'Money - Welcome to virtual Finance!' under the Portal's 'Life & Career' tab.

The virtual Finance page offers an online launching point for customers which brings together information and transaction resources. In many cases, the information provided or the available forms eliminate the need for you to make the traditional 'trip to Finance.' To enhance your online experience, virtual Finance utilizes well known applications such as myPay and DTS, and introduces the newer eFinance Workspace application to a larger audience. Active duty, Reserves and civilian employees can use the new eFinance Workspace application to complete PCS vouchers using the Permanent Change of Station in Processing System (PiPS). Click the eFinance tab to prepare non-DTS TDY vouchers, submit accruals and local mileage claims. You can also make changes to your military pay entitlements, change your state tax information and start and adjust pay allotments.

The virtual Finance page is packed with valuable information. The 'Rates and References' tab provides links to look up information such as current per diem rates and pay tables. Another new feature, the 'Tools' tab, links to a variety of financial tools, including calculators to estimate your reimbursement for temporary lodging expense (TLE) or temporary lodging allowance (TLA). Additional tools include calculators to estimate your reimbursement for CONUS PCS travel, calculate your deployment entitlements, help you estimate leave dates in conjunction with separation, and determine your reimbursement when you sell leave upon reenlistment or separation. There is also a revised Top 180 frequently asked questions (FAQs) tab with answers to many common financial questions. The wealth of information available will help to reduce the need to make that 'trip to Finance.'

There is more to virtual Finance than can be described here. Most customers, including civilian employees, will find valuable content and links on the page. Visit virtual Finance and get a feel for what it offers. Use the 'Email Us' link to tell the Content Managers what you like and don't like about the page. Your feedback will help us continue to make virtual Finance a valuable tool that will not only save you time, but also keep you better informed about your military pay, travel and entitlements.