'Control the Controllables'

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Nina Armagno
  • 45th Space Wing commander
I want to start by congratulating everyone who was recognized at the 45th Space Wing Awards Banquet March 7. Special congrats to all the winners, and thanks to all who played a role in making it a very special evening for 'Team Patrick-Cape' and our mission partners.

I also want to thank Gen. William Shelton for taking the time to visit us. Not only did he give the keynote speech at the National Space Club Luncheon, we also got the chance to listen to his thoughts and directives during a Conference Call in our Base Theater later that same day.

As is the norm, I am most impressed by all the members of our Wing we visited in the two days he was here. Thanks for showing him and his team what we already knew.

Team, I know these are trying, pressure-packed times for many of us. We have many stressors in our lives these days, from Force Management issues, to dealing with drastically reduced budgets in every corner of the Wing, to many others in our personal and professional lives.

So how can we cope? How can we handle all that is being asked of all of us?

There are no simple answers, but I can say one positive step would be to just focus on 'Controlling the Controllables.'

We all joke about "why complain about the weather because we can't do anything about it?"

Well, that's true here in the work place and in your own lives.

Many things are outside our controls - for you, me, and everyone reading this.

But there are things we can control.

We can control improving on our Comprehensive Airman Fitness, and ensure all four pillars, Mental, Social, Spiritual and Physical are being addressed.

We can choose to come to work (and come home from work) with a positive attitude. We have all seen how one person with a positive mental attitude can impact an office, a group - and a Wing.

Being positive is positively contagious.

And finally, we can stop wishing and hoping for things that are outside of our control. It's wasted energy, and adds zero value to any team or home.

I am 100 percent positive we have that under control.

Stay focused Sharks!