What does the LRS do?

  • Published
  • By Maj. Kristin Hipps
  • 45th Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander
I've been asked numerous times, what my squadron does...so I figured I'd use my five minutes of fame to explain how my squadron supports you. The mission of the 45th Logistics Readiness Squadron is to execute expeditionary operations for the 45th Space Wing and its mission partners by providing launch and range customers with full spectrum logistics. Specifically, the 45th LRS provides supplies, logistics planning, munitions, fuels and transportation to support the wing's launch mission.

Logistics Readiness Squadrons are normally divided into four main functions: materiel management, vehicle management, fuels management and deployment & distribution. The 45th LRS is small but mighty team comprised of a predominately civil service work force with a small military and contractor contingent all working together to support the 45th SW and its mission partners.

The Material Management Flight is responsible for stocking, storing, issuing, managing, inventorying and inspecting DOD supplies and equipment which at Patrick includes munitions. The munitions team ships, receives, inspects, stores and performs maintenance on all types of conventional munitions.

The Vehicle Management Flight is the single authority and source for maintenance and management of the installation's motor vehicle fleet. Specifically, they are responsible for the management and maintenance of the wing's fleet by assigning, accounting for, and maintaining vehicle assets so they are safe, efficient and environmentally sound to meet the wing's needs.

The Fuels Management Flight is responsible for quality petroleum products, cryogenics fluids and missile propellants are acquired, produced and issued safely and efficiently to using organizations.

The Deployment & Distribution Flight is responsible for centralized command and control, planning and execution of all wing deployment operations and the distribution of cargo, passengers and personal property. This flight is the single installation authority for planning, management and executing the movement of personnel as well as the shipment and receipt of DOD cargo, during day to day and contingency missions.

So what does the LRS do? We execute our mission across distinctive logistics lines from material management, fuel, deployment and distribution to vehicle management; together we form a cohesive team that provides premier logistics support to our customers.