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Taking your performance to the next level

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- As we develop future leaders of character, we teach them the five rights.

They must be at the right place, at the right time, wearing the right attire with the right attitude and ready to do the right thing. The five rights are also applicable to active-duty members and DOD civilians. 

Living by these 'rights', our Air Force will constantly evolve for the better; even when dealing with fewer resources.

As we continue to invest in our people and ignite innovation we should never lose sight of the mission. We must continue to do the mission with 100 percent excellence and train our people to perform at the next level.

It's the next level of performance today, and the steps we take to strive for continuous improvement for tomorrow, that makes being part of the United States Air Force exciting. The Air Force can only benefit when each person is open to the possibilities of making a mission 'go off' without fail, using the five rights.

Working with and being part of Team Patrick-Cape has been awesome. Watching our team propel and do amazing things makes me want to stay on this team and continue to unleash creativity. The evolution of the Air Force is possible because our people live the five rights. It is simple, but a reminder that these principles underline our daily mission execution across the DOD. 

Some days will be easier than others when working in our great Air Force; however, the attitude one carries determines whether you will perform at the next level in support of great mission here and across the Air Force.