Performance, professionalism, pride, highlight SECAF visit to Team Patrick-Cape

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Nina Armagno
  • 45th Space Wing Commander
As I've said many times in the past, there are few things more rewarding for a leader at any level than having the opportunity to open their doors and let others take an "inside look" into the quality of people who make up their organization.

Well, that's exactly what happened when The Honorable Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force, and her husband, Mr. Frank Beatty, spent Wednesday touring the 45th Space Wing and our valued mission partners here on the Space Coast, to include a meeting with NASA's senior leadership at Kennedy Space Center later that afternoon.

From her meeting with senior leaders (to include those from AFTAC and the 920th Rescue Wing) on Patrick, to visits all over historic Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (MOC, NRO, 5th SLS, 45th LCSS and Launch Complexes 37, 40 and 41), I could not have been more proud of the performance, professionalism and the very obvious pride (The Three Ps) that members of Team Patrick-Cape displayed at every stop.

It's not fair to "name names" because so many of our people poured so much work into making this happen, but I do want to thank Lt. Col. Thomas Ste Marie, our 45th Operations Group deputy commander - who served as the project officer for the visit. Great job, "Steamer!"

Thanks also to our protocol team, Ms. Nancy Trainer and Ms. Billie Jean Ludwick, who did their usual fantastic job, and last - but certainly not least - to Ms. Patricia Gragg, our 45th Space Wing Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, who was asked by the Secretary to visit her quarters for a one-on-one meeting with her BEFORE she met with any of us.

Message received on where the SECAF stands on that topic!

Everywhere we went around the Cape, we showed the Secretary that "Control of the Battlefield Begins Here" is a fact and not just a slogan!

Another great job by all!

Changing gears, we are only a few days removed from getting back to a very active launch manifest at the Eastern Range.

In the early afternoon of Oct. 29, we will be getting FY 15 off to a roaring start with an Atlas V launch of the Air Force's eighth Block 2F navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System.

Team, this is yet another chance for us to come together, focus and perform a safe and flawless mission.   As we press toward 100 percent mission success, your performance, professionalism and pride continue to do right by our team.

All of you make me so very proud to be your commander.

Stay Focused, Sharks!