Senior NCOs: Guardian, enforcer, role model, advisor, coach, leader

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Nina Armagno
  • 45th Space Wing Commander
The oath they take as they get promoted really does say it all about our senior NCOs, their professionalism and the future of our Air Force.

Here is just a part of it...

"In the United States Air Force, a master sergeant joins a unique group, the Senior Noncommissioned Officer Corps.

... "This promotion denotes that you are transitioning from being a technical expert and first line supervisor, to being a leader of operational competence, skilled to most effectively accomplish any mission."

And then they accept the responsibility that comes with becoming a senior NCO in today's Air Force. It's one of my favorite parts of any of the time-honored military traditions.

Here, at Team Patrick Cape, the bottom line is this: We have very strong SNCO leadership; Chief Master Sgt. Craig Neri, the 45th Space Wing Command Chief, and I tell them that all the time.

We would have no chance of performing our No. 1 Priority - 100 percent mission success without the experience, guidance and courage (moral and otherwise) during tough times our SNCO Corps displays on a daily basis. 

Our NCOs now wearing master sergeant, senior master sergeant and chief stripes are helping to lead - and shape - the Air Force of tomorrow as we work to find innovative ways to do things, while investing in a new crop of enlisted leaders being prepared to take the reins in the years to come.

These outstanding Airmen do not give up because times were hard, or because other Airmen could not - or would not - keep up to their standards. They drove on and we are both grateful and eminently better off because of their determination and leadership.

Our SNCO Corps is the reason we have such amazing Airmen in every corner of the 45th Space Wing.

They also provide much needed support to our junior Airmen, and throughout the community with the work they do with first sergeants and Air Force Associations and the Top 3.

The SNCO corps is the guardian of our standards, the enforcer of discipline, the role model for the young Airmen, the advisor to the commander, the coach to the lieutenant and the leader in combat.

They know how much we are counting on them and we know how hard they work for this Wing and our Air Force.

I just wanted to be sure they know how much we appreciate each and every one of them!

So please, take a moment to tell them yourselves.

Stay Focused, Sharks!