It takes a whole lot of 'You' to make a Team

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Nina Armagno
  • 45th Space Wing Commander
Where did this year go?

Seriously ... it seems like just yesterday, we were gearing up for a Falcon 9  (THAICOM 6) launch on Jan. 6, 2014, and now we're heading into the final stretch of the year with just  two missions left.

On Dec. 4, a United Launch Alliance Delta IV-Heavy rocket will launch NASA's Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle on Exploration Flight Test-1 from Launch Complex 37, at world-famous Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.
Then on Dec. 16, we'll launch a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket mission carrying supplies to the International Space Station from Launch Complex 40, at CCAFS.
Two thousand and fourteen has been a year all members of the 45th Space Wing can be proud of but like I said, we still have two missions left so let's keep our eye on the prize.

We have used this "space" a lot to talk about the sacrifices, selfless service and team accomplishments we have made over this year. And it's always been well deserved.
This week, however, I want to talk about you -- all the individual "you" --  in every corner of this Wing who are the true engines who keep this train running -- and on track.
I want "you" to know how proud I am of the work you perform on a daily basis to help us ensure "100% Mission Success."
I want "you" to know how much I appreciate all the time and money-saving ideas and suggestions that have made our "Year of Innovation" a rousing success.
And last, but not least, I'm happy with the way "you" continue to  "Invest in People," by developing leaders, taking care of our people  and their families -- and by demanding a culture of respect.

More importantly, however, I want "you" to be proud of yourself, and to stand back and see yourself as others see you.

"You" live and work in a stress-filled environment that does not have  the luxury of allowing us to sit back and play Monday-morning quarterback. We need to get it right; "you" make that happen.
"You" are engaged in the real-world efforts of "Delivering Assured  Space Launch, Range and Combat Capabilities for the Nation."

It takes a lot of "you" to make a team, and there is no team anywhere on this planet more focused, better prepared and more driven to succeed than Team Patrick-Cape.

And there's a good reason for that.
It's all because of "you."

Stay Focused, Sharks!