'Quest for Zero' Campaign: My job, My life, My choice

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Nina Armagno
  • 45th Space Wing Commander
For the last several years, the Air Force has encouraged summer safety habits by conducting the annual critical days of summer campaigns many of us may remember.

For 2015; however, the Air Force Safety Center has created the Quest for Zero Safety Campaign.  

This campaign is designed for every Airman - The Big A -- in all career fields, to raise awareness of the hazards they face every day, at work and at home.

In June, the emphasis is on office safety.  

So far in 2015, there have been three on-duty fatal mishaps in the Air Force (none at the 45th Space Wing thankfully), as compared to seven in the Air Force at the same time last year for 2014. 

This year to date, we have had five personnel suffer on-duty lost workday mishaps resulting in a total of 45 lost workdays.

That's not too bad, but I know every leader, supervisor and commander in this Wing agrees with me:  that's five people and 45 hours too many. 

It's called Quest for Zero for a reason.

So please, if you are a leader (at any and all levels), make it a goal to ensure that all workers assigned to you are fully trained and proficient to perform their jobs. 

If you are an employee and are doing a job that you are not fully aware of the required safety procedures, or even if it just seems unsafe, stop what you're doing and go find a supervisor.

And please do that right now!

Team, let's all remember that safety is everyone's business - so please make it yours!

Let me end with a quote from Bill Parsons, the Air Force Chief of Ground Safety, which really hits home to me and to the Sharks in every corner of Team Patrick-Cape.

"Safety is a priority in all career fields at all levels, every day," he said.  "Awareness of the hazards is the first step in mitigation and risk management to preserve our most valuable asset -- our Airmen.

"When Airmen embrace the Quest for Zero motto - my job, my life, my choice -- they are, in a real way, fulfilling their commitment to mission success," Parsons said.

Sound familiar? It should!

Being able to fulfill commitment to 100% Mission Success certainly rings a bell, as it's or number one priority here in the 45th Space Wing. 

Stay Focused, Sharks!  And STAY SAFE!