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The end is only the beginning

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Remember that new computer, new car or new camera you recently researched, anguished over and finally bought last weekend? More than likely, it's probably out-of-date by the time you're reading this. Obviously, I'm exaggerating a little, but not as much as some of us would like to think.

The exponential changes in technology just over the past few years are dizzying, to say the least. As we saw during my December Comman-ders Call, in the slide show, "Shift Happens," it is virtually impossible to follow the tide of information coming at us in waves, let alone trying to keep our heads above water - but try we must!

Because our nation's security could very well be at risk, we must be able to use every resource we have available to us now and figure out a way to consistently integrate the mountain of technology heading our way. Even though the rate of change in technology throughout the 21st Century is virtually guaranteed, who is to say how far - and from where - these changes will eventually take us? After all, the United States does not have any monopolies on these changes. Note the words of Dr. Ronald Sega, retired undersecretary of the Air Force: "It's not only the rate of change in the United States; clearly it's global change."

So there it is. That's the challenge that lies ahead, and it's one we can not and will not take lightly. I have read that handling change is somewhat like walking a tightrope, meaning that regardless of the conditions, regardless of the situation, you just keep your balance and keep going. And that's what I have every confidence members of the 45th Space Wing will continue to do: keep going.

We have learned that we are not victims of change; change is just a way of life - now, more than ever before. So that's why I continually ask the Shark team - military, civilian, contractors and volunteers - regardless of your rank or duty position - to look both outside and inside the box for the best solutions on how to do things more effectively around here.

And remember this: The best answer you come up with today may not be the best answer in the not-so-distant future. It may not even be close, so don't stop looking, even when you think you have discovered the best solution.

We have discovered by now, when it comes to change, there is no "end game." The finish line ahead is just the beginning of a whole new race.
Go Sharks!