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Sharks, you've done it again

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- As satisfying as it was to host General Kehler and his wife, Marjorie, for two days this week, that experience was made even more special due to one special group of people: You.

Once again, you made me so very proud to be your commander. I was thrilled to be able to let our commanding general get a first-hand look at some of the great things all of you do on an everyday basis.

And let me just say this: he was very, very pleased by what he saw.

And heard.

Everywhere we went, from the moment he and Mrs. Kehler, along with Maj. Gen. Thomas Deppe, stepped off the C-21 that brought them here from Space Command headquarters in Colorado, he was most impressed, just like I knew he would be.

I think one of the most important things he had to say was how very important each and every one of you here at the 45th Space Wing really are.

"You have figured it out; you have to know that we know the importance of what you are doing here," he said.

And he wasn't just talking Air Force-specific. He was talking about the leadership at the very highest Department of Defense levels, all the way to the top.

I hope you felt as good about his comments as I did.

Another of his most important messages was when he asked "Are we doing business today the way we need to do it in the future?" And then he answered his own question with "the short answer is no."

He is right on the money. Who knows what the future holds, or what mission the Air Force will be asked to do in the near and not-so-near future?

All I know is whatever that mission turns out to be, members of the 45th Space Wing will rise to the occasion. We'll "figure it out."

But us Sharks will never rest on our laurels; we'll find a way to carry on our fabulous heritage and reputation.

Yes, we have some serious challenges ahead of us. We all know that, and you all work your way through them every single day. From the very beginning of our existence, members of the 45th Space Wing have never seen obstacles - we've always seen opportunities to succeed.

It's just a credit to your professionalism, your creativity and proof positive of your "technical skills and tactical competence," as he said.

He spoke about the importance of putting the right people with the right skills in the right team. He was talking about you. Go Sharks!