Victory on fields of friendly strife

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Blake Brewer
  • 45th Medical Support Squadron commander
"Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that upon other fields on other days will bear the fruits of victory," said Gen. Douglas MacArthur. As I was forced to memorize Gen MacArthur's quote during my Air Force training, I didn't realize the truth behind the meaning until I realized the true connections made on those fields.

In the Air Force, we have a history of the intramural sports program. The intramural sports program not only provides us with an enjoyable way to exercise, it provides leadership, camaraderie and rapport opportunities. Airmen are forced to be leaders in a non-threatening atmosphere where they might lead their peers, or even supervisor, to a winning season. The program also brings the squadron together, either by participating or cheering each other on to victory. Whether the team wins or loses the biggest victory may depend on the rapport we build on the fields.

Our fields of friendly strife can be found on the softball field, basketball court, or bowling alley. It is on these fields that we develop bonds while playing for or against each other that help make it possible on other days to bear the fruits of victory.

Even though I like to win on the field, the important victory is mission accomplished. There are numerous times that I was able to complete my mission because of the connections I made on the field. It might have been someone in my own squadron who threw me the winning touchdown pass, or the softball pitcher in COMM, SFS or CE who were the opponents the night before.

I have called on my teammates or competitors from these fields of friendly strife many times to expedite mission success and mark another victory for the Air Force. This is where the true victory lies in the Air Force intramural sports programs -- not necessarily on the fields but off.

I encourage you to support the intramural program by either participating or cheering on your squadron. See you on the field. GO MED GROUP!