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These times they are a' changin'

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, Fla. -- "Change" is defined by Webster's Dictionary as "to cause to become different; alter; transform; convert," all of which strike anxiety into the normal person, certainly in me. There are often times when we all desire that steady constant lifestyle that provides a sense of comfort in knowing what is around the next corner of life. In a couple of months, there will be some significant "changes" in the base support operations at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

As the Air Force struggles with replenishing weapon systems that are decades old, to fight the War on Terror, and sustain the world's greatest Air Force, our future will be both challenging and crammed full of "change." Closer to home, the 45th Space Wing is going through a significant amount of "change" as well. On October 1, a new suite of contractors will provide these base support functions at CCAFS. This "change" in the way we perform base operations will certainly be different and it will be a more effective way to perform base support operations.

For almost a decade, the base support operations have been provided by Space Gateway Support (SGS) under a joint Air Force and Kennedy Space Center contract; The Joint Base Operations Support Contract provided support to over 25,000 people, thousands of facilities, and the infrastructure that supports launch operations at CCAFS and Kennedy Space Center.

Hundreds of SGS Mission Partners have given both time and energy in supporting this 40 year-old infrastructure and without their contributions we could not have sustained our launch mission. This partnership is coming to an end and we have begun our transition to a new set of mission partners.

"Change" is indeed in the air and it is met with both sorrow and optimism. We will miss the partnership that has been forged over the past decade but will keep an optimistic eye to the future as we establish new partnerships, keeping a laser focus on the mission.

This "change" is a monumental task. Hundreds of 45th Space Wing members and mission partners have been involved in this effort. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the men and women of the 45th Mission Support Group and our Mission Partners who have sacrificed by working incredibly long hours and taking precious time away from their loved ones.

This transition is certainly not over, but the efforts and contributions thus far have been nothing short of phenomenal. This is a gifted team and without a doubt they will surpass expectations as we continue to execute this new challenge.