Medicine requires ‘excellence in all we do’

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Blake Brewer
  • 45th Medical Support Squadron commander
As the commander of the 45th Medical Support Squadron I have to say the men and women in my squadron demonstrate excellence in all they do. They strive not to maintain the status quo but to be the best in the Air Force by supporting customers in the Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory, Resource Management Office, TRICARE & Patient Administration, Logistics, Medical Systems and Medical Readiness.

In our patient arena, the pharmacy produces over 400,000 prescriptions per year and is the eighth busiest pharmacy in the Air Force. This is about $77,000 in pharmaceuticals dispensed per day. They have developed a patient safety initiative which is a computer based verification program ensuring the correct prescription is given to the right individual. This program is one of only four in the Air Force. Radiology has developed a state of the art digital radiology department. This enhances the image for more accurate diagnoses and cancer detection. The Laboratory was one of the first to undergo a no notice College of American Pathologists inspections. The Laboratory had 815 items inspected and was accredited with flying colors. TRICARE has developed a network of 845 providers with 36 different specialties providing the best healthcare to our beneficiaries.

In our internal customer sections, Logistics orders and delivers over $210,000 per day of supplies for your healthcare. They have also won the Air Force Medical Service Medical Logistics Account of the Year three years in a row. Resource Management Office has recouped over $4 million in third party insurance dollars. This is the highest amount in any DoD small healthcare facility and this money is redistributed to enhance our medical services.

Medical Systems has developed an awesome technology based group with an electronic medical record and complete wireless capability. Readiness has overseen the development of our Home Station Medical Response. The program assists the Air Force installation with training, base capabilities, and responses to possible terrorist attacks or natural disasters establishing a close working relationship with the Brevard County Emergency Management Office to ensure total joint integration.

I have to say I am very thankful for the men and women of the 45th Medical Support Squadron. They truly make me proud. It is an honor serving with them each day as they serve you.