It¹s finally over ... but is it really?

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Randall Lambert
  • Commander, 45th Medical Support Squadron
Unless you have been under a rock over the last two months, you all know that 45th Space Wing recently completed the Air Force Space Command Inspector General Operational Readiness Inspection /Unit Compliance Inspection. 

This inspection will probably be one of the most intense evaluations we ever face in the Air Force. I know we all put in extra hours in the months leading up to the inspection and will take some time off over the next few months after our successful outcome. We can finally say, 'It¹s over!' 

Although I am excited the 45th Space Wing completed the 'best inspection seen to date' from the AFSPC/IG, I am not sure it is really over....ever. 

This inspection validated some awesome 45th Space Wing performers and teams. It also validated that we are prepared to perform our mission to launch rockets, support the eastern range, prepare/deploy airman, comply with HQ directives, and constantly maintain base operations regardless of situations. However, the IG team did identify areas that need improvement and attention with multiple significant findings. 

The IG was tasked to validate our capabilities. We prepared very hard leading up to the inspection and we must now put considerable effort and time to the capabilities that need our attention. If we have a weak capability, it needs our quick attention and focus. We owe it to the Air Force, to each other, and to our mission to make it right. One hundred percent mission success, including regulatory compliance, does not come easily. Compliance at all levels must become and remain a focus for us all. 

So, I know I am happy that the IG is gone and that they will not be back any time soon, but I also know that as leaders we must never get comfortable with the status quo. Just like education is a life-long endeavor, we must not get satisfied with recent inspection results. We must be constantly preparing every day for our mission and that requires a commitment to excellence and a true attention to detail. 

The most important question for us all -- are we constantly ready for the day-to-day mission to ³assure access to the high frontier and support global operations?² The answer needs to be 'yes'.  Always.