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You care, and it shows for all to see

Jan. 22, 2010 -- By now, we have all heard that this is the "Year of the Air Force Family."  As your commander, it makes me so very proud to see that not only do we espouse these slogans, but we also put them to work in our everyday lives.  Here's a case in point:
Twenty months ago, ground was broken for a brand-new, state-of-the-art Child
Development Center here in Central Housing. Tuesday morning, the doors were
opened for the first time on the 31,180-square foot facility that will allow us to care for almost 80 additional children, and totally wipe out any waiting lists for all age groups.
While many of us were relaxing over the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, countless others were volunteering their time ­ and their moving abilities to ensure each and every corner of the facility was ready to host our children.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist ­ and we have lots of them around here ­to figure out that our Airmen and our civilian work force will be more productive when they know their loved ones are being taken care of. And our kids are very well taken care of.
Around here, we do everything we can to be inclusive when it comes to the
way we treat our family members. They stand the line with us, and do not stand behind anyone. It¹s the Air Force way, it's the right way, and we will always continue to do it that way.
Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley had this to say:
"Taking care of families is a solemn promise we make to each Airman and family member. Sense of community is a cultural trademark of the Air Force, and we will seek ways to nurture it as part of the larger 'Year of the Air Force Family' effort."
And like I said earlier ­ and like I have been saying since the day I arrived ­ that sense of community is the first thing everyone notices when they come here. It's that obvious.
Thanks for all you do. Thanks for caring. And thanks for showing us that you do.