AFAF: Commitment to Caring

  • Published
  • By Col. Ed Wilson
  • 45th Space Wing Commander
If ever there were three words more aptly suited to convey the real spirit of a campaign - and in this case I am referring to the Air Force Assistance Fund - I really can't think of any more fitting than these: Commitment to Caring.

Think about it. And think about whom - specifically - we are helping.

This campaign, now entering its 38th year, guarantees that 100 percent of AFAF contributions go to our entire Air Force Family, to include our active duty Airmen, retirees, eligible reserve and guard members, surviving spouses and family members.

In these tough economic times, we're all thinking: "In times like this, it's tough to find any more to squeeze out of the budget."

I understand, but it is important to remember there are folks out there who are much worse off than we are. Individuals who need a helping-hand from the greatest Air Force family the world has ever known.

We are not asking for much. If a few dollars a month is all you can spare, that's just fine. The key is getting as many Airmen involved as possible. Every little bit helps in ways you can hardly imagine.

Last year, PAFB and CCAFS (along with our valued tenant units) contributed nearly $50,000 to AFAF. Amazingly, we received almost $160,000 in program benefits, grants and scholarships, and interest-free loans.

And we never know who, exactly, we are helping. We could be helping the young Airman who works down the hall, or the lonely Air Force widow who lives around the corner, or the hard-working Reservist who has some medical bills to take care of.

It could be you.

As we continue to see and learn every day of the week, none of us know what lies in store for us in the next five minutes, let alone the next 12 months.

Things change. Accidents happen. Bad things happen to good people.

And the Air Force Assistance Fund is right there to help with your much-needed assistance. Because we all have a "commitment to caring."