Sharpening our edge

  • Published
  • By Col. John Gilmour
  • 45th Contracting Squadron commander
I was running at the Cape recently when I noticed it, the clear demarcation between seasons. Florida's uncharacteristically cold winter has passed, and summer will soon be here. That transition will give way to prudent lifestyle changes, but, I think is also gives us pause to sharpen our professional edge too. Winter's holidays and shorter days make us more relaxed. That is a good thing because rest and recovery is essential to life. Our professional lives go through seasons too.

Last summer, our wing had the most demanding inspection it has seen in a generation. While our deployment and launch operations tempo remained robust through the winter, other quarters have seen more normal operations. As the weather transitions to summer, now is the time to sharpen our professional edge.

In upcoming weeks, the wing will have important tornado and hurricane drills. The old adage, "train like you fight," applies. Florida is a beautiful place to live, but it comes with increased risks for natural disasters, and everyone can be affected by these events. Everyone in the wing needs to be familiar with signals for tornado watches and warnings, know where to get weather updates, and understand where to shelter in place. Now is theĀ  time to refresh knowledge of information like this that can save your life.

From April 13 - 15, the wing will have a HURCON drill. This is vital to our preparation for the upcoming season. Everyone needs to familiarize themselves with local/state procedures, prepare their homes and property, and validate recall rosters, safe haven and reporting information. And, if you are a member of one of the response teams, make sure your kits, communications, and transport are precisely in order.

We in the Mission Support Group proudly say that "we launch every day." A high degree of professionalism is required of that standard, and rightfully so. As we transition now to the tough days of summer, join me in sharpening your professional edge, to be ready not only for tornados and hurricanes but every other challenge that comes our way.