AFAF: ‘Families helping family’

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Ed Wilson
  • commander, 45th Space Wing
Three words. Three words that say it all when it comes to this year's Air Force Assistance Fund: "Commitment to Caring."

For nearly 40 years, the AFAF has a rich tradition within our Air Force Family of "taking care of their family."

And, much like a family, we tend to rally around one another in time of need.

In this case, we are guaranteeing that 100 percent of your AFAF contributions go to our entire Air Force Family, including our active duty Airmen, their family members, eligible reserve and guard members, as well as retirees who have fallen on hard times and need a "helping hand" up.

You can offer that hand by simply giving what you can when one of our unit project officers makes contact with you over the course of the next several weeks.

Here along the Space Coast, our AFAF Campaign begins March 7 and will run through April 15. Our Air Force goal this year is to make 100 percent contact and raise $6.3 million.

For "Team Patrick" our goal is also 100 percent contact and we are shooting to raise just over $41,000.

We know how tight things are, especially in this economy. That said, we've seen this team come together and deliver mission success time and again!

I'm confident that if we pull together we'll be able to make our goal this year (or maybe even surpass it).

As always, we are not asking for much. If it¹s just a few dollars per month, that's great.

The key to this campaign is not "how much" we give, but more in "how many" give.

Work is light when there are many hands involved.

Families are like that. We like to pitch in when we can and however we can.
So, let's each lend a hand by supporting our AFAF.

And, thanks again for all you do.