Gen. Cotton’s 4 C’s: A course of action

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Anthony Cotton
  • Commander, 45th Space Wing
     First, let me say thank you once again for the great reception you showed my family and me as we took command of the 45th Space Wing!
     With my first week down and the Labor Day weekend done, I wanted to spend some time and discuss my 4 C's, which will guide the team during my time here.
     Now, let me explain what the C's should mean to every Shark in the 45th Space Wing.
     Compliance is doing our job the right way every day. Air Force Instructions, Air Force
Space Command Instructions, 45th Space Wing Operating Instructions, and other rules and
regulations, provide guidance. If guidance is incorrect, we can find better ways of doing business. Work to make corrections to the policy, not ignore it.
     By competence, I mean that we need to ensure we maintain the high levels of skill that the American people demand of the men and women who work in the world's finest Air Force, regardless of whether they are in or out of uniform. We have a complex mission and it requires a demanding skillset from everyone. 
     Regarding composure, it means that we need to respond to situations as the professionals we are.Each of us has a job to do and often the job is required to be done
under stressful situations. How we respond to these situations goes a long way toward a successful resolution. So, keep your cool, remember, being competent and compliant in your mission brings composure to the fight.
     Finally, regarding commitment, I mean that we need to be committed to excellence in our mission. The Eastern Range is a national asset. In fact, it is a national treasure. Our nation depends on your excellence to insure assured access to space. We have to have a dedication that is unmatched because of this crucial mission.
     I have no doubt, based on what I have seen so far, that we do the 4 C's.
     Simple words; incredible impact to our mission.
     Keep pushing Sharks!