Consolidated Unit Inspection – Time to Show Your Stuff

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. Anthony Cotton
  • Commander, 45th Space Wing
Sharks!.. Saturday's successful launch of the Atlas V carrying NASA's Mars Science Laboratory was an impressive show of our ability to safely execute the assured access to space mission. Well done to the entire team. It truly takes every member of this dynamic wing to make something so complicated look so easy. It's in your DNA and it is what we do. That same synchronized teamwork will be required in the next couple of weeks as we host the AFSPC Inspector General team for the MAJCOM's first Consolidated Unit Inspection (CUI).

This morning I will hold a Commander's Call at the Patrick theater. Start time is 0800. All military and government civilians should attend (mission permitting). For those unable to attend, please view it on closed-circuit TV: PAFB Channel 99, or CCAFS Channel 35.

I'd like to preview what Chief Williams and I will address. You got it... Cotton's Four C's. We must ensure that we are in compliance with Air Force Instructions that govern the way we do business. Each individual must be competent in the task they are required to accomplish every day. Whether you are in operations, launch group, mission support, or a mighty medic, the answer remains the same; every single member of the 45th Space Wing is an important member of our team.

Next comes composure. It is important to be composed when approached by an inspector. Don't be in a rush. Be professional and cordial. You only have one shot at a first impression.

Be proud of your products when you present them to the inspectors. Think about what you want to say... words are important.

Finally, there is commitment. Each member of the 45th Space Wing is committed to execute the mission safely and effectively every day. Remember customs and courtesies; if in uniform, pop that salute when you approach a placarded vehicle. Be proud of our base. Don't walk by trash, pick it up. In the office, dispose of paper waste appropriately; shred or place in the proper authorized receptacle.

You have worked extremely hard preparing for this inspection. Now it's time to put all that effort to good use and show the AFSPC CUI Team our products, procedures and practices. Show that we meet and exceed compliance requirements, are always competent in performing our work, and we maintain our composure, while remaining committed to excellence, in all that we do.

Keep pushing, Sharks!