Turn Your Commute into a Workout: The Hybrid Commute

  • Published
  • By By Lt. Col. David Ashley
  • Commander, 5th Space Launch Squadron
Physical fitness is more than a job requirement for uniformed military members.

We all know that cardio fitness is healthy for your heart, reduces stress, increases your metabolism and reduces symptoms of depression and fatigue.

Regular fitness is a lifestyle that benefits everybody.

But who has time in the day to work out? Do more with less is the reality today, often leading to long hours on the job and increased stress with the family. One of the
first things to drop off the priority list is a workout.

What if there was a way to exercise during the day and earn back some of your time? Say you worked out for 30 minutes, but it only cost you 15 minutes of time?

Impossible? It's not.

It's called the Hybrid Commute.

The Hybrid Commute is a mix of driving to work, stopping at some point short of your office, and continuing the rest of the way on your own power. Running, walking, swimming, riding a bike, roller blades, kayak, kite board, or a host of other options for self transport are only limited to your imagination.

It takes a little bit of coordination to pull this off. You'll likely need a place to shower near
your office and a change of clothes. A safe place to park your car is essential, as well as a reliable ride back to your vehicle if some afternoon thunderstorms roll in.

If you are determined these issues are readily overcome.

The biggest benefit: You earn back your workout time. For example, you live off-base and it takes 30 minutes to drive into the office.

You park after 15 minutes and begin your workout. It takes you 30 minutes to ride your bike into work from there for a total commute of 45 minutes. While you worked out for 30 minutes on the bike, it only added 15 minutes to your day.

Do the same thing on the way home, and you worked out for 60 minutes total but only added 30 minutes to your day.


Have a safe and happy Hybrid Commute.