You Play a Key Role in Cutting Our Energy Consumption

  • Published
  • By Col. Robert Pavelko
  • Vice Commander, 45th Space Wing
October is Energy Action Month, a time for us all to think about the importance of energy in our daily lives, the lives of our families and in our ability to accomplish the mission.
The theme for Energy Action Month is "I Am Air Force Energy" --we all have a role to play in reducing energy consumption while we achieve our mission.
In 2011, the Air Force spent $9.7 billion on fuel and electricity. To put $9.7 billion into perspective, the same amount could buy 12 CV-22s, 14 C-17s, 36 MQ-9 drones and 25 F-22 fighters.

Fuel and electricity now make up almost 10 percent of the Air Force budget and every dollar we do not spend on energy allows us to invest that dollar into you, your family and our mission.

Locally, the 45th Space Wing has reduced its energy consumption by 22 percent since 2003. This energy reduction equates to a $6 million savings and would be enough energy to power our downrange operations at both Antigua and Ascension for one year.
We are also investing in our facilities and infrastructure by applying energy innovations to improve our energy posture. While this progress is commendable, it is not enough.
We recently implemented a 45th Space Wing "Energy Conservation Guidance Policy" to outline our approach for energy conservation.

We encourage you to work with your unit energy manager to further reduce energy consumption.

No one knows how their organization operates better than you--your suggestions and innovations are critical to improving the way we use energy. As the "I Am Air Force Energy" slogan proclaims, your actions will make a difference to reduce overall energy consumption.

Finally, remember this is a very busy launch month for the Wing as we have three launches scheduled; Oct. 4, (Delta IV-GPS IIF), Oct. 7 (Falcon 9-ISS Resupply), and Oct. 25 (Atlas V-OTV).

Everyone on the team will be working together to make sure these launches go up safely and accurately. Continue to stay focused on "job one" but also remember each of you are our best sensors and keep your eyes open for any suspicious activities.

As always, thanks for all you do...Go Sharks!