Homework for 2013: Learn 'Your' History

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Vida Beard
  • Commander, 45th Range Management Squadron
History can be fun. There are many things to like about it. Learning history can provide powerful lessons from the past and lead to improvement.

Being a student of history can also help one with writing papers, having interesting conversations at dinner parties, or winning the Daily Double on Jeopardy.

Most often however, we are running so hard we don't take time to know where we started or better yet where we are from. Do you know where the organization you are a part of started? Who are the heroes, heroines, and legends of the organization?

Why are those individuals held in high regard and what accomplishments and/or events defined them? Which underlying themes are the foundations for the bedtime stories told about your organization?

With that said, the Eastern Range (ER) has a very interesting history. Our roots are with the research, development, test, and engineering communities. As the ER has evolved some of the decisions made in the past have endured.

For example, a conscious decision was made to contract range operations in the 1950's, and that approach has continued to stand the test of time today with other contract operations on the ER. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with our contractor partners we deliver excellence for the Eastern Range in today's environment of limited resources.

Another aspect of our history is our function as a range. The sum of the wisdom occurs on the Eastern Range where customers and providers of services interact. Somehow, someway through the expertise of the first-rate workforce magic happens.

Missions are executed, the next customer gets in line, and another operation occurs. The process may be mundane to some, but personally I find it both exciting and miraculous.

This year, challenge yourself to learn about the history of the Eastern Range. Start by discovering the legends of your organization and how they shaped the Eastern Range. Take a trip down memory lane.

Share the knowledge with your teammates. While you are doing so inspire others with your actions...after all, they are the foundations of future Eastern Range bedtime stories yet to be written!