Force Protection is everyone’s business

  • Published
  • By 45th Security Forces Squadron

Due to recent terrorist events around the world and general threats against military installations; all military, civilians and base contractors should remain alert and immediately report potential indicators of terrorist preoperational surveillance and planning activities. These indicators may include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Suspicious or illegally parked vehicles near the facility or where crowds gather.

  • Unattended packages (e.g. backpacks, briefcases, boxes) that might contain explosives. Packages may be left in open areas or hidden in trash receptacles, lockers or similar containers.

  • Prolonged or unusual interest in or attempts to gain sensitive information about entry points, peak days and hours of operation, security personnel, surveillance assets, and access controls such as alarms, barriers, doors, gates or locks.

  • Persons loitering, parking, or standing in the same area over multiple days with no apparent reasonable explanation.

  • Observation of security reaction drills or procedures.

  • Discreet use of cameras, note-taking, or video recorders over an extended period.


    If you see suspicious activity, contact one of the following:


    Patrick – 45th Security Forces at (321) 494-2008

    Cape – 45th SFS Base Defense Operations Center (321) 853-2121

    AFOSI Detachment 802, (321) 494-5794

    Central Florida Crime Line (407) 423-8477