USAF Academy cadets immerse in 45th Space Wing operations

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Tyler Almquist
  • 45th Logistics Readiness Squadron
A group of cadets from the U.S. Air Force Academy were given the opportunity to spend two weeks here as an introduction to military life. The program, named Operation Air Force, allows future leaders to visit active duty bases to learn about the various mission capabilities and responsibilities contained within a wing.


They were given a number of unique opportunities to visit squadrons within the 45th SW and hear from many of the wing’s knowledgeable members. Their visit also included a stop at the vertical and horizontal integration facility, followed by the viewing of two launches. 

Throughout their time, the cadets gained a valuable perspective on what being an impactful and successful leader looks like in the active duty Air Force.


“We have learned many valuable lessons throughout our time here at Patrick that we will take with us whenever we step into a leadership role,” said Cadet Third Class Hunter Morrow from the U.S. Air Force Academy. “Lessons such as staying humble, getting to know your people, trusting in the enlisted force, and perhaps most importantly that word travels fast in our small Air Force.”


The cadets concluded their stay with a scenic flight over Patrick AFB courtesy of the 920th Rescue Wing. This experience enabled them to witness the dynamic nature of the Air Force’s mission.


The majority of cadets receive limited exposure to the structure and function of active duty wings while in training, so opportunities such as these are immensely beneficial. One of the biggest choices made during their time at the Air Force Academy is selecting an Air Force Specialty Code, which sets the direction for the rest of their career. This program gives them the tools necessary to make an informed decision so they can vector themselves toward a career field they truly enjoy.