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Congratulations to our new Staff Sergeant Selects!

Airmen selected for promotion to the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Airmen selected for promotion to the rank of Staff Sergeant.

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- The following Airmen were recently selected for promotion to the rank of
Staff Sergeant!

ACHESON, MATTHEW                                 45 OPERATIONS SUPPORT SQ
ARRIVEY, MIQUELA                                      45 MEDICAL SUPPORT SQ
BACH WILLIAM                                               AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
BELL, IAN                                                        45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
BENAVIDES, JUSTIN                                    45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
BLUE, CREIGHTON                                       45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
CHAVANU, WILLIAM                                     45 AEROSPACE MEDICINE SQ
CLEVELAND, CYNTHIA                                45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
COLE, DERRAIN                                            AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
CONEY, ERNEST                                           AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
COVERT, KY                                                   AFELM SAF SP PROJ DO
DEGRANGE, BRIAN                                      45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
FLANELL, JAMIE                                           45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
FLOHR, DANIEL                                             45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
GROTH, BREANNE                                        AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
GUAJARDO, ANDREW                                45 OPERATIONS SUPPORT SQ
HEMPHILL, MICHAEL                                   45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
HUDSON, SEAN                                            45 MEDICAL SUPPORT SQ
HURTLEY, JOSHUA                                       AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
JOHNSON, MARY                                          45 MEDICAL SUPPORT SQ
KIRBY, STEVEN                                             45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
KNOX, CRAIG                                                 45 COMPTROLLER SQ
LAVENDER, JOEL                                        45 COMPTROLLER SQ
LAWSON, FELIX                                            45 AEROSPACE MEDICINE SQ
LIMON, VANESSA                                         45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
MARTINEZ, DANIEL                                      45 AEROSPACE MEDICINE SQ
MCDONALD, RICHARD                               45 MEDICAL SUPPORT SQ
MOON, JOHN                                                 45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
MURPHY, SHAWN                                        45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
ORTEGA, DAVID                                          45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
PETERS, NICHOLAS                                   45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
PETTINELLI, DAVID                                      AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
ROBB, ANDREA                                           45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
ROBERTSON, SCOTT                                 AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
ROSKA, WILLIAM                                         45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
SAMSON, SASCHA                                    45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
SARNO, SHAELA                                        45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
SCHLER, DEREK                                        AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
SCHUSTER, MATTHEW                             45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
SMITH, SAMUEL                                          45 SECURITY FORCES SQ
STAKELY, WESLEY                                    45 COMPTROLLER SQ
STETLER, ROBERT                                     AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
SUMMERS, JACKIE                                    45 COMPTROLLER SQ
TOWNES, BRANDON                                 45 CIVIL ENGINEER SQ
VANHORNE, JOSH                                     AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
VINEYARD, ROBERT                                  45 COMPTROLLER SQ
WATKINS, DEREK                                       AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
WILLIAMS, TYRONE                                    AF TECH APPLN CTR CE
YOUNG, CAMERON                                    AF TECH APPLN CTR CE