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Patrick-Cape feels effects of government shutdown

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE -- Every year Congress has to agree on a budget to fund the government. Since the fiscal year ended on Sept. 30 and no consensus was made on how to best use federal funds, we are currently in a shutdown furlough due to a lapse in appropriations.

A shutdown furlough is necessary when an agency no longer has the funds to fully operate and must shut down activities which are not excepted. However, this shutdown will affect many base operating capabilities.

Certain facilities must be closed and others will have delayed processes. We will do our best to maintain operations as much as possible within the constraints of the current shutdown and with the least amount of inconvenience to anyone who desires to use base resources. Thank you for your patience.

The following facilities will be closed starting tomorrow (2 Oct 13):
Airmen's Attic

The following facilities will continue to be open:
Base Exchange
Pharmacy (including Satellite Pharmacy)
Medical Clinic
Child Development Center
Youth Programs (closing daily starting at 1730; please call for clarification on specific activities: 321-494-4747)
Fitness Center
Communications/IT (May be delayed)
Outdoor Recreation
Riverside Dining Facility
Beach House
The Commons
Golf Course
Airman & Family Readiness Center (reduced manning)
Military Personnel Section (anticipate longer wait times)