AF launches COOL credentialing opportunity program

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Joshua R. McGee
  • Air Force Equal Opportunity Curriculum Development and Training Superintendent
The Air Force Credentialing Opportunities Online, or Air Force COOL, has replaced the military tuition assistance, or MilTA, certification program for enlisted and total-force Airmen seeking certifications.

"Education is what keeps our Airmen and our Air Force at the leading edge of change," said Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Cody. "This is a valuable benefit that Airmen have a responsibility to manage, whether it's keeping their GPA up or meeting all the deadlines for applications."

Airmen who are currently enrolled in a certification program funded through MilTA will have one year to complete their program. Enlisted Airmen submitting new applications through Air Force COOL will be able to apply for certifications based on their duty Air Force specialty code, with a lifetime cap of $4,500. Senior NCOs are also eligible for leadership and management credentialing programs within the lifetime cap. Funding for the program is currently scheduled to begin in January 2015.

The Air Force COOL was created in part to meet fiscal year 14 National Defense Authorization Act requirements but also to separate credentialing from other military tuition assistance and ensure we have a cohesive, user-friendly system for our enlisted Airmen who are interested in obtaining duty-related certifications.

For more information, visit the Air Force COOL section of the Air Force Virtual Education Center website at: AF COOL webpage

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