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Launch anomaly debris notice: All beaches north of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, Fla. -- After a successful liftoff from the Eastern Range, 45th Space Wing, Space X and NASA officials experienced an anomaly of the Falcon 9 CRS-7 mission June 28 at approximately 148 seconds into flight over the Atlantic Ocean.  

Range officials are currently evaluating the data to determine the exact cause of the anomaly and additional information will be released as it becomes available.

The anomaly occurred over the Atlantic Ocean and as a result of tide movement over the next several hours, debris may begin washing ashore. If you spot debris in the water or see it washed up anywhere along the Eastern Florida shore report it to either SpaceX Recovery Hotline number 866-392-0035 or Patrick Air Force Base at 321-494-7001 or email SpaceX at or contact your nearest local law enforcement official. Do not attempt to pick it up or make cell phone calls near it. Gather all information that clearly identifies its location of the debris but only do so after leaving the area. Some of the debris may be toxic or explosive in nature and may be potentially hazardous, which is why it needs to be reported to and handled by trained professionals. Additionally, please keep in mind that all debris is considered part of an official investigation.   

The exact cause of today's anomaly is currently under investigation.