Honoring Heroes: The 2023 AFOSI 45 SFS Memorial Ruck

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PATRICK SPACE FORCE BASE, Fla. –  Members of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations Detachment 802 and 45th Security Forces Squadron joined forces In a display of remembrance and solidarity on December 21, 2023, to participate in the AFOSI 45 SFS Memorial Ruck. This event, which involved 36 participants, honors the memory of four OSI agents and two Security Forces defenders who lost their lives on the same day while serving in Afghanistan.

December 21, 2015, Task Force Crimson members, operating under the call sign Hustler 6, faced a devastating attack. A vehicle-borne improvised explosive device took the lives of the four OSI agents and two Security Forces defenders during an outside-the-wire mission in Afghanistan.

The fallen heroes remembered during the event are:

•         Special Agent Adrianna M. Vorderbruggen
•         Special Agent Michael A. Cinco
•         Special Agent Peter W. Taub
•         Special Agent Chester J. McBride
•         Tech. Sgt. (Honorary Special Agent) Joseph G. Lemm
•         Staff Sgt. (Honorary Special Agent) Louis M. Bonacasa

OSI and Security Forces participants formed six groups of six, ultimately merging into one cohesive unit. Each participant carried a backpack and a photograph of one of the fallen, emphasizing a personal connection to the memorial ruck's purpose.

By contributing to the ongoing legacy of the honorees, the memorial ruck ensures that their stories are not only shared but also remembered. With a strong desire to turn this event into an annual tradition, organizers aim to foster a deep appreciation for the sacrifices of these individuals.

The AFOSI 45 SFS Memorial Ruck stands as a powerful tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Beyond the physical challenge, the event fosters camaraderie, honors the fallen, and ensures that their stories live on.

As plans for future editions take shape, the hope is that the event will continue to grow, involving more participants and garnering increased support from the community to benefit the families of these heroes.