Forging culture: One step at a time

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Samuel Becker

Space Launch Delta 45 hosted the United States Space Force second annual T-Minus 10-Miler, Dec. 9, 2023, at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida. Participants lined up from across the globe to take part in the race while admiring CCSFS’s rich history.

Since being established on Dec. 20, 2019, the Space Force has strived to create their own culture and history. Hosting the T-Minus 10-Miler marathon at SLD 45’s CCSFS, Florida, is one of these efforts.

“Establishing and hosting the T-Minus 10-Miler at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station brings our Guardians closer to the mission that delivers the critical capability our nation needs on orbit,” said U.S. Space Force Col. Meredith Beg, Space Launch Delta 45 operations vice commander.

Highlighting the Guardian Spirit, the physical challenge of the 10-Miler can represent the demanding nature of launch operations, where endurance and mental fortitude are paramount.

Not only did the 10-Miler test the runners' endurance, it also offered a unique opportunity to view historical sites such as the Apollo 1 Memorial site, and Launch Complex-19, known for its major Titan II/Gemini missions.

The course continues to LC-14, from which John Glenn embarked on his orbit around Earth. Participants also encounter the Mercury Monument, adding to the historical dimension to their run.

“Hosting the T-Minus 10-Miler greatly increases visibility of the most visible Space Force mission – Launch,” said Beg. “This event ties into our Guardian Commitment of Connection, not just Connection among our fellow Guardians, but also with the community, far and wide.”

Being able to view these historical sites during the run, emphasizes the unique mission that SLD 45 supports.

As the Space Force continues to grow and define its place within the Department of Defense and space history, events like the T-Minus 10-Miler are pivotal. They are not just about running a race; they are about building a legacy and a culture that looks forward as much as it honors the past.