Guardian on the Rise: Patrick SFB’s First Guardian to Achieve Below-the-Zone

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Samuel Becker
  • 645th Cyberspace Squadron

U.S. Space Force Specialist 3 Andrew Adams, a defensive cyber operator for the 645th Cyberspace Squadron, was the first guardian selected for Below the Zone at Patrick SFB, Florida, Oct. 2, 2023.

In reference to Air Force Pamphlet 36-2241, individuals who currently hold the rank of Airman First Class/Specialist 3 have the opportunity for an early promotion to Senior Airman/Specialist 4. Those fortunate enough to secure the BTZ promotion will find themselves enjoying the perks of their new rank six months ahead of their standard qualification date.

“It feels great; I’m excited to wear the extra stripe, take on more responsibilities, and have more opportunities to lead,” said Adams.

According to his award package, Adams was hand-selected to safeguard the first joint space launch between Delta 6 and Space Launch Delta 45.

Adding to his list of achievements, Adams frequently embraced roles representing the United States Space Force in the community. He supported his hometown's recruiter assistance program and performed color guard duties for three national events. His dedication was recognized when he received the Space Coast Top-3 Performer of the Month award in June 2022.