A united front: senior enlisted Airman provides guidance at Space Force base

  • Published
  • By Airman Collin Wesson
  • Space Launch Delta 45 Public Affairs

The organizational structure of the U.S. Space Force allows it to exist as an agile force that can respond quickly to global space operations.

A crucial component of this structure is the large population of Airmen supporting Space Force missions, which creates the need for an Air Force leadership position to round out the Guardian team on Space Force bases.

“It’s a united front,” said U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Karissa Gunter, Space Launch Delta 45 senior enlisted Airman. “It’s important that the workforce of Airmen on base are able to point to pictures of leadership and envision themselves up there.”

The SEA is a leadership position at Space Force bases equivalent to a command chief master sergeant at an Air Force Base, acting as a senior advisor to the base commander. The position exists to work alongside the base senior enlisted leader, the Guardian equivalent, to ensure the enlisted force on Space Force bases is better represented.

Having the SEA and SEL working in tandem is a beneficial mechanism for Space Force bases, especially when Guardian leadership could potentially consist of people who have transferred from branches other than the Air Force.

“The Space Force has a lot of service members who transferred from other branches,” said Gunter. “As these individuals work their way up and become chiefs, the counsel on Air Force policy provided by the SEA will be a valuable asset they can rely on.”

Gunter hopes the Airmen of SLD 45 move on in their careers with excitement for the Space Force mission from their experience at PSFB.

“I’d like to inspire Airmen to go to their next Air Force Base and tell their peers - ‘You should go to a Space Force Base, because it’s incredible!’”