• Published
  • By Senior Airman Samuel Becker
  • Space Launch Delta 45

As military members raise their right hand and recite the oath to defend our nation, they understand the sacrifices ahead. They know that serving their country may mean leaving behind their loved ones, but occasionally, fate can bring them back together.

U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. David Clark, Space Launch Delta 45 legal office non-commissioned officer in charge of inspections and training readiness, and U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Michael Clark, 45th Launch Readiness Squadron air traffic controller, are brothers that are both stationed at Patrick SFB.

Although there are challenges, the story of the Clark brothers illustrates how family members within the military can come together in unexpected and meaningful ways.

"I've been stationed all over the United States for most of my military career, which has kept me away from my family,” said David. “Being stationed with my brother and getting to know him better has been an exciting and rewarding experience."

For Michael, having his brother stationed alongside him brings a sense of excitement and happiness, providing more opportunities for them to spend time together and grow closer as brothers.

“Having my brother, David, nearby has been amazing for my family life,” said Michael. “Even though he only got here a few months ago, we were able to spend Christmas together, creating a special memory for my children.”

While the brothers created a stronger bond within their family, David often invites Michael to volunteer at events outside of work.

“Every time I call him, he’s always doing something like a beach cleanup or playing softball,” said Michael. “Witnessing him be so involved has definitely motivated me to do more outside of my workspace.”

With their strong sense of mutual motivation, the Clark brothers were able to participate in a Spartan Race, which helped further strengthen their bond.

“I was definitely motivated to step out of my comfort zone when my brother convinced me to go,” said Michael. “We didn’t finish first, but we completed the 21-mile Spartan race together, and that was an awesome experience.”

Although both of the brothers have helped motivate each other to participate in volunteer activities and races, they both have their own individual goals within the Air Force.

“I aspire to be a First Sergeant; to be there for my Airmen and fix any problems they may have,” said David. "Getting the diamond before I retire would be a huge accomplishment for me."

“Once I complete my bachelor's degree, I plan on applying for Officer Training School (OTS),” said Michael. “If I don’t get accepted into OTS, I will climb the enlisted ranks, hopefully becoming a Chief Master Sergeant before retiring.”

The Clark brothers plan to continue motivating and supporting each other in the future, no matter where they are.