Shark of the Week: Staff Sgt. Michael Hughes

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Reason for nomination:
"Staff Sgt. Hughes led the effort to replace a severely corroded support structure on Patrick AFB's TACAN, critical to safety of flight. This weeklong project involving several base agencies and a systems expert TDY from Colorado sprung numerous opportunities to excel on Sergeant Hughes. With personnel working long hours atop a 40-foot tower, weather delays, and unforeseen equipment problems, there were plenty of reasons not to meet the scheduled FAA flight check. Mike leveraged support from the Patrick Team and worked well into the night several times to pull it off. Patrick's TACAN is back on line with a green light from the FAA."

What is your hometown?
West Melbourne, Fla.

How long have you been at this duty station?
5 months

What's your favorite motto or words you live/work by?
"If you're going to take the time to do something, do it right the first time!"

What inspired you to go beyond the call of duty?
"I don't believe I go beyond the call of duty. I do what I think any good supervisor would do to take care of his/her work center and the people in it."

Why do you serve?
"I think it's important as a U.S. citizen enjoying the freedoms of this country, that I contribute to its defense to ensure my children and their children can continue to enjoy those same freedoms. I chose the Air Force because I feel air superiority is the most important component in any offense or defense.