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Everyone's a Wingman

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Airmen taking care of Airmen is the fundamental theme behind the third annual Patrick, Cape Canaveral Wingman Day, Nov. 17. The day-long venue is an opportunity for all Patrick and Cape personnel to stop and reflect on the health of the force and to reinforce a culture of looking after each other throughout the year. 

"The purpose of our Wingman Day is to strengthen the morale and welfare of our units at Patrick and Cape Canaveral by devoting time to building positive relationships among coworkers, examining organizational strengths and vulnerabilities and planning for the coming year," said Brig. Gen. Susan Helms, 45th Space Wing Commander.
Wingman Day is more than just one day of informational opportunities. Wingman Day is the centerpiece around which this year-round culture is anchored; it reinforces the Wingman concept, reacquaints Airmen with its principles and revitalizes our dedication to being great Wingmen, according to Ms. Tereasa Compton, 45th Mission Support Squadron deputy commander. 

Open houses at multiple venues at Patrick will highlight areas including; suicide prevention, the Air Force's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program, domestic violence intervention and prevention programs, as well as spiritual health and base educational opportunities.
General Helms also emphasized the importance of Airmen taking care of and watching out for each other. "Airmen are all dedicated to a mission much greater than each of us alone," the General said. "For us to be effective we must support one another in the stressful and vitally important work that we do while serving our great country."

Wing leaders from throughout Patrick and the Cape will also provide unit-specific safety messages to their Airmen and as well as opportunities for team building, greater communication and interaction, according to Ms. Compton.

Wingman Day events kick off with an 8 a.m. commander's call at the Cape's Hanger F for all CCAFS personnel followed by a wing-wide commander's call at 2 p.m. at Patrick's base theater.

The first Air Force-wide Wingman Day was held in 2004 as a project to prevent suicides and vehicle mishaps. The program has since expanded to provide Airmen the resources and information needed to take care of themselves and each other, Ms. Compton added. 

Wingman Day at Patrick and the Cape also provides an opportunity for all Airmen - civilian and military - to deliberately reflect on how they live up to the Air Force Core Values: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do, she said.
(Sidebar/List of local participating agencies)
Editor's Note: are encouraged to visit with their wingmen at least three of the following Wingman Day "helping agencies" hosting or participating in open houses :
- Health and Wellness Center, 494-2660, at the Patrick Fitness Center
- Education Center, 494-2071 (Building 998)
- Family Advocacy, 494-8171 (Building 1370)
- Seaside Chapel, 494-4073 (Building 440)
- Military Equal Opportunity, 494-6333 (at the Seaside Chapel)
- Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, 494-7272, (at the Seaside Chapel)
- Safety Office, 494-8234 (at the Seaside Chapel) 
- Life Skills, 494-8234 (Building 1380)
- Airman and Family Readiness Center, 494-5675 (Building 722)
- Family Child Care Office, 494-8381 (Building 1391)