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Foreign visitors require prior permission

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- So you're a retiree living in Satellite Beach and you want to bring your mother-in-law who's visiting from Germany to Patrick AFB? 

The 45th Space Wing's Foreign Disclosure Office advises those considering such a visit to call for permission first. 

"We handle hundreds of foreign visitors every year between here and the Cape (Canaveral AFS)," said Wayne Davis, 45th SW foreign disclosure officer. 

Everyone on base property is subject to identification checks, and there have been cases where foreign visitors commit infractions that draw attention to themselves, Mr. Davis said. 

If a person is found without proper credentials, the consequences can range from mild to serious. In addition to removing the foreign national from the base, the person who brought them onto the base can be barred from bringing visitors, barred from the base entirely or face criminal charges. 

To avoid such actions, all foreign visitors to the base must, without exception, fill out a Foreign Visit Request, obtainable from the Foreign Disclosure Office, and submit it 30 days prior to the visit. This includes foreign military members with Department of Defense ID cards not stationed at Patrick. The request will go to the office's senior staff for approval or rejection, and then the gates will be notified to either admit or detain the individual. 

Those who are planning to bring foreign nationals as their guests must first take an Es-cort Training Class, given quarterly by the disclosure office and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. The class covers basic dos and don'ts as well as 45th Space Wing policy. 

While the wing wants to maintain an open relationship with the community, it must at the same time maintain security to complete its mission. 

"Since we're in a vacation spot, a lot of people don't see Patrick as an Air Force base, but we have a special mission here," said Mr. Davis. "The main thing is, if you have a visitor, call us." 

For foreign visitor requests and further information, call the Foreign Disclosure Office at (321)-494-8563.