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Understanding the Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, FLA -- Understanding the Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus
By Glenn Bolton
Test Control Officer
45th Space Wing Education Office

The Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (FLPB) is a monetary incentive paid to qualified military  personnel possessing foreign language proficiency.

The objective of FLPB is to encourage the acquisition, maintenance, and enhancement of foreign language skills vital to national defense.

The ability of the Air Force to interact in the international arena and respond effectively to any global contingency mandates the need for qualified personnel to communicate with our allies and local populations as well as with our adversaries.

Individual participation is voluntary. An Airman's application, qualification, and receipt of FLPB constitute acknowledgement that he or she may be called upon to respond to global contingency requirements.

If you speak a second (or third) language and can prove your proficiency by a listening and reading test, you could be entitled to a bonus of up to $1000 a month. French, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian and European),Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, German, and Italian languages have been deemed surplus by DOD.

The Air Force will not pay FLPB for these languages unless airman are performing duty in a Language Designated Position (LDP) or hold a language inherent AFSC. Contact Mr. Bolton at 494-3443 or email phares.bolton@patrick.af.mil for program details.