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Family members; standing shoulder-to-shoulder

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz and Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley designated this the 'Year of the Air Force Family.' 

"You can rest assured that taking care of families is a solemn promise we make to each Airman and family and one that Chief Roy, General Schwartz, and I each take very seriously,' Secretary Donley said. 'And we make this commitment not only because it¹s the right thing to do for our Airmen, but because it is the smart thing to do for our Air Force, and just as important as being smart, it's the right thing to do as well. 

The sacrifices our Air Force families are making especially in today¹s ops-tempo are vitally important to the overall mission of the 45th Space Wing and the U.S. Air Force. And I¹ll be the very first to say that talk can sometimes be cheap, and you can be assured I will walk the talk. When we say we appreciate our family members, we will back that up with actions, not fancy slogans and catch-phrases. 

We have an entire team of specialists all over this base who are highly-trained and highly-motivated to help our families in any way they can. If you need help in anything from child care to changing your tires ask. If you know someone who needs help, ask for them. 

The Chief of Staff also had this to say. "The strength of the nation¹s Air Force is not the platforms we operate or the technologies we employ, as good as they are," General Schwartz said. "It is our Airmen and their families. The Air Force is a great place to work, live, and play. Our intent is to make it even better."  I don¹t know if I can find the words to express how much I appreciate how much our family members give back to this wing and to their community.
But I do know family members stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Airmen. 

They always have and always will. They are very much a valued part of the Air Force family.